Electronic Circuits, E. J. Angelo, A Unified Treatment of Vacuum Tubes and Transistors. Año de la publicación : 1958

Linear and piecewise-linear circuit characrizations for tubes and transistors.

The first half of the book is concerned primarily with the development
of linear and piecewise-linear circuit characterizations for tubes and
transistors and with examining the behavior of these devices in the basic
amplifier configurations; thus it is concerned with the properties of active
devices and with circuit representations for such devices. The techniques
employed are quite general and are used in a subsequent course to obtain
circuit representations for mechanical, electromechanical, and hydraulic
devices. The second half of the book is concerned almost solely with
linear tube and transistor circuits; thus it is an introduction to active-
circuit theory. This study is closely correlated with the study of pas-
sive-circuit theory; in fact, it is an extension of passive-circuit theory to
include active circuits. The methods employed in characterizing the
active devices make it both feasible and desirable to treat tubes and
transistors simultaneously. As implied above, these two devices are
seen to be special cases of a large class of amplifying devices.

Physical electronics and solid-state physics are presented in just
enough detail to give the student some understanding of the properties
of the devices and to acquaint him with the principal factors limiting the
performance that can be obtained.